AE92 Sideskirt Install

What is needed?

  • Ratchet/Socket Set
  • Screwdriver
  • Power Drill

Removing Molding

- Begin prepping the car to allow the side skirts to fit, first off you will need to remove the rear wheel arch side moldings.

- Five 9mm nuts on the inner side of the wheel arch hold these on.

Preparing Skirts

- The AE92 side skirts - they have 2 mounts on them that need to come off, bolt are pictured above, with these still in place the side skirts wont mount flush to the body.

- These two parts can be removed with a screwdriver and a razor blade. Simply shave and test fit until the skirt sits flush.

Test Fit

- Upon an initial test fit, we realized, one little problem. The doors won't open.

- Functioning doors is a little feature worth keeping so the side skirt needs to be shaved down a little to allow the door to open/close freely.

Door Problem

- Take the end cap of the side skirt and simply shave away material as needed with a razor blade. If you want to smooth the cuts you can use a hand file and clean it up. Above you can see the difference between the cut and un-cut.


- Once you have resolved the door problem, you can install these by simply holding the side skirt in place and using a power drill. Guide your bit (bit should be somewhat smaller then the screw you are using) through one of the mounting holes on the bottom of the side skirt. Once you have drilled the holes, screw the side skirts on and make sure they are secure.


With the skirts securely installed, you are ready to hit the streets!