Custom Drop Vent Hood

Like the look of the fiberglass or carbon fiber drop vent hoods? Don't have the cash? This may be the answer for you!

What is needed?

  • Measuring Tape
  • Ratchet/Socket Set
  • Masking Tape
  • Power Drill
  • Jigsaw/Dremel
  • Bondo
  • Paint
  • Welder

Hood Prep

- Begin prepping of the hood by removing from the car and removing as much of the under side webing as possible. You can do this by carfully using an angle grinder or a dremel tool.


- With the hood prepped go ahead and start measuring out to decide what size cowl you want.

Initial Cuts

- Going with the jigsaw method... drill pilot holes in the hood, then go ahead use your jigsaw.

- Cut the vent similar to what you see pictured here.

Final Cuts

- After the center vent is cut, you need to cut back past the hole on both sides to create the drop; length of drop is up to you, just be careful to consider the engine. You will need to measure and cut out the sides that will hold the drop in place. You can use the piece that you cut to create the hood drop. Once you have done this, test fit and be sure that everything lines up correctly.


- It's time to weld!


- Once the weld is done, you will have a very rough edge that should be cleaned up.
- Angle grind any welding issues and smooth the corners with some body filler.


- Finally, repaint the hood and install!


- First off, as a warning... to complete this project you will need to remove all crush points on the bottom of your hood. So, if you are accident prone keep this in mind: when you crash, the hood wont crush like a normal hood will.

- This project was provided by a local friend who I would like to give full props to on a really awesome idea and follow through masterminded this project! If you have any questions/comments or you just want to tell him how awesome this is, send him e-mail
HERE or PM on the forums HERE