AE86 F.A.Q.

Here are some commonly asked, general questions about the AE86

Whats better? Coupe or Hatch?

Much debating has been done on this: Hatches weigh more by about 40lbs, due to the back hatch and glass. Its possible that coupes have less body flex than hatches due to the lack of the large opening in the rear. Hatches also are believed to be more aerodynamic.

Whats is, Kouki, Zenki, etc.?

These are Japanese words describing order of the said objects release/era:

    - Zenki: Early period, First
    - Chuuki: Middle period
    - Kouki: Latter period, Final

Whats Faster/Better? A Levin or Trueno?

Both are almost the same weight and bolth have the same dimensions. Some debate that truenos have better aerodynamics.

How much does an AE86 weigh?

Stock AE86 is somewhere close to: 2400-2600lbs Depending on whats been removed or if the AE86 an SR5 or GTS acutal weight may vary.

How do I check for LSD on my car?

Three good ways to check: Look on the VIN plate under the hood, if its got "273" after t50 you orginally had LSD. This only tells you what was originally equipped.
Another way to check is look for a sticker on the rear end that says 'LSD'

The last, most time consuming but error free way of checking, unbolt the drive line from the third member. Looking at the pinion nut, you will see a painted color;

Blue paint = LSD
Yellow paint = Open
Red = SR5

How big are the gas tanks in the AE86?

13.2 US Gallons

What is a Blue Top, Red Top, Silver...

- First 16v 4AGE released, also known as LowComp, Big Port and Blue top.
- Second 16v 4AGE released, oddball model LowComp, Big Port but with high comp bottom end with lower compression pistons.
- Third 16v 4AGE released, also knows as HighComp, Small Port and Red top.
- Fourth 4AGE released, also first motor to come with 20v and VVT commonly known as the Silver top.
- Fifth and final 4AGE released, 20v and came with VVT-I. Commonly known as the Black top.