Fuel Filter Replacement

If your car has some kind of power loss, hard starting or hesitation, one of the possible culprits could be a clogged or dirty fuel filter. With age, the filter gathers more and more impurities inside it, slowly restricting the flow of fuel. Fuel can be surprisingly dirty and contaminated, while some gas stations take the time and effort to replace the filters in their pumps, some do not so its up to you to ensure that the fuel being delivered to your engine is as clean as possible.

How Often?

So how often does one change the fuel filter? Generally it's assumed to be a good idea to change once a year or every 50,000 miles. If you run a poor quality fuel or drive the car hard it may be beneficial to change even more frequently.

What is needed?

  • Wrench Set
  • Socket Set

Warning: Before you begin, extinguish any open flame and refrain from smoking while doing this job... you are working with an open fuel source!


- Locate the fuel filter in the engine bay; it is located on the right hand side, along the frame rail, held on by a black bracket.


- After locating the filter, remove the top bolt. This is a specialty bolt, take care not to damage it. Upon removal note the two copper o rings on both sides of the fuel line. Most new filters supply new ones, some may not so be sure to not immediately discard. In addition, clean the bolt.


- Remove the hardline on the bottom that feeds the filter, a nut is connected to the bottom of the filter unit itself. Use a wrench to hold it in place while removing the line from the bottom of the fuel filter, carefully as to not strip it.


- With both fuel lines removed, take some time to cap off the fuel lines to prevent evaporation or leaks. Remove the bracket that holds the fuel filter in place and loosen the clamp, slide the new unit in place. Keep in mind the fork that holds the upper fuel line must be kept facing the same direction as the original filter.

Cross Section

- Cross section of an OEM fuel filter.


The GTS and SR5 have different filters, the filter swap show above is for the GTS only.

4AGE Replacement Filter Part Numbers:


A. CarQuest

B. Wix


D. Toyota OEM

E. Napa
3275 - SILVER
3491 - GOLD

F. AC Delco

G. Beck/Arnley