General Model Comparison

The follow are a few general overviews of the different model types and variations

Factory Body Differences

Coupes/Notch back
Coupes are believed to weigh less on average due to the lack of a rear hatch/glass. The weight difference is minimal at best. Coupes are slightly more rigid in comparison to hatchbacks, again due to the lack of a hatch.

Hatchbacks/Lift backs
Hatches can haul more cargo. Australia only received Hatchbacks when in production.

The Trueno front end has pop up headlights. Never sold in Australia and Europe.

Levins have the fixed headlights and more 'snubnose' look. These where sold only in Japan and Australia and Europe.

J-SPEC/A-SPEC Factory Differences


J-Spec AE86:
Zenki Levin Front Bumper
Kouki Levin Front Bumper
Zenki Trueno Front Bumper
Kouki Trueno Front Bumper
J-Spec tail lights:
(Zenki Hatch)
(Kouki Hatch)
(Zenki Coupe)
(Kouki Coupe)
KMPH Gauge Cluster
KMPH Digital Gauge Cluster
Right Hand Drive


A-Spec AE86:
Zenki US Trueno Front Bumper
Kouki US Trueno Front Bumper

A-Spec tail lights:
(Zenki Hatch)
(Kouki Hatch)
(Zenki Coupe)
(Kouki Coupe)

MPH Gauge Cluster
Left Hand Drive

Common Names For The AE86

"Corolla SR5" (Sport Runnabout 5 Speed) – AE86 with a 4A-C motor
"Corolla GTS" (Grand Touring Sport) – AE86 with a 4A-GE motor
"Hachi Roku" (Haachee Rokoo) – Japanese for the numbers 86
"Hachi Go" (Haachee Go) – Japanese for the numbers 85
"Trueno" (Tu-Reh-No) – Japanese for Thunder
"Levin" (Rebin) – Japanese for Lightning
"Sprinter" – (Euro & Asian Market Only)