LSD Upgrade & Install

So you have driven at a few track days or drift events and realized that you need a LSD or maybe just an upgraded unit in general. With this walk-through you can save yourself some cash on labor and install by doing it yourself!

What is needed?

  • Wrench Set
  • Socket Set
  • Slide Hammer
  • Hammer/Mallet
  • Jack&Jack Stands

Time required

Note! This is a multi-day project that could take anywhere from a couple of days to over a week depending on mechanical ability and machine shop availability.

Parts sourcing and preparation

- Sourcing the parts for this swap can be somewhat of a challenge and wait times for many of the parts can be extensive. To ensure that the swap won't disable your car for an extended period of time, we recommend that all parts be sourced and acquired prior to disassembly.

Wheel Removal

- With parts in hand, begin the process by lifting the car and securing with jack stands. Follow by removing the rear wheels from the car.

Fluid Drain

- Locate the drain and fill/check plug on the rear of the axle and remove (22mmCHECK) allowing all fluid to drain from the unit. Remember to set bolts aside for reinstall at a later time.

Brake Removal

- Unbolt the rear brakes by removing the two bolts on the rear of the caliper. Secure the caliper so that stress is not placed on the brake lines.
Zip ties or some string do a great job of holding the caliper up and out of the way to ensure that no stress is placed on the brake line.
Brake disks usually pull off by hand, sometimes sized rotors will need to be pulled with a puller tool.

Axle Removal

- Now you can begin uninstalling the axle itself. Behind the hub there are 4-5x bolts, these will need to be removed. The hub has two holes in it that are access points for the for the nuts. Spin the hub and remove all nuts. Once complete, push the studs out by hand and set aside for later reinstall.

Axle Removal

- With the nuts removed now begins the process of forcefully removing the axle. Axles are pressed into the axle housing by the axle bearing. This will require the use of a slide hammer, begin by fixing the slide hammer to the hub and begin pulling. Every axle pull is different, some come out with the greatest of ease while others require hours of time before they begin coming out. If you are among the unlucky few that have axles that refuse to come out, you may want to considering enlisting the help of friends or upgrading you slide hammer to a heaver weight.

Axle Removal

- Once the axle is finally free, remove the metal gasket fixed to the axle housing and discard.

3rd Removal

- With axles removed it's time to move onto the 3rd member, where the LSD is located. Begin by removing the drive line from the rear axle. Place something under the loose end to ensure that no stress is placed on the line while resting.

3rd Removal

- Begin unbolting all the nuts that anchor the 3rd member to the axle housing, ensure that no bolts or washers are lost!

3rd Removal

- Now the 3rd member is ready to be removed but odds are it's not going to come without a little persuasion. Any decent sized hammer/mallet will do the trick. Give the base a few light taps and once it's able to wiggle freely discontinue striking.

3rd Removal

- Now the 3rd is ready to be dropped, the full unit weights about 60-70lbs. If you feel that you would be unable to remove and hold the entire unit above your body while under the car, use a jackstand to support the unit, lower and pull out.

3rd Removal

- Finally the LSD is free of the car and the new unit is ready to be installed.

Take this time to ensure that there are no debris in the axle housing itself by giving is a thorough cleaning.