LSD Upgrade & Install Pt.2

Finally, everything is removed! Now its time to start rebuilding and implimenting the new LSD/R&P/etc.

Axle Bearing

- Now its time to start rebuilding all the axles components. The axle will need new bearings pressed on and this is a great time to have all the studs and retainer plate replaced too.
This will require some special heavy and expensive tools, primarily the arbor/hydraulic press. If you do not have own or have access to this level of equipment, take this job to your local machine shop.

3rd Member Rebuild

- The 3rd member should always be prepared by a seasoned professional with a brick and motor shop that can financially stand behind the job. This is critical for LSD and Ring&Pinion longevity and proper function. It is NEVER recommended to attempt the install yourself unless highly qualified. Once the 3rd member is returned by an accredited shop. The assembly will be ready for reinstall.

3rd Member Gasket

- Set the 3rd member housing gasket in place. Personal preference may play a role in this aspect of the job. Some prefer to use the Toyota paper gasket while others prefer to use FIPG and some will recommend a mixture of the two. Regardless, all methods will work effectively.

3rd Member Replacement

- With gasket installed, replace the 3rd member and reinstall all bolts/washers. Follow by tightening in an even pattern.

Driveline Replacement

- Reinstall the four bolts/washers/nuts and connect the driveline to the axle assembly.

Gasket Install

- With all the work under the car almost complete, return the the axle tubes and install new metal retainer gasket(Note that the dimple faces downward) To secure in place a light spread of Toyota FIPG on the rear will help greatly.

Follow by replacing the brake dust shield and reinstall the four axle nut studs.

Axle Replacement

- Re-install the drive axles, using paper gasket between dust plate and bearing retainer plate (dimple face down). Install axle with gentle taps from a mallet or a hammer until fully seated in axle housing. Tighten nuts onto studs and torque to 48ft lbs.

Brake Replacement

- Reinstall brake assembly. Torque caliper bolts to 34ft lbs. Be sure to check that brake lines are secure and are not kinked/damaged.

Oil Refill

- Finally replace the drain plug bolt and begin to fill axle case with appropriate LSD oil. Once refilled replace check/fill plug.

Replace wheels and the project is now complete!


Ring and Pinion break in procedure:

There is a lot of variation on exactly how one is to "break in" a new R&P install. The general idea is to make sure that you allow the metals to temper, settle and an oil change to remove any loose materials. Before you start putting it to the test, something to this effect should be followed;

Install and fill with fresh fluid, drive for 10-20min without any major accelerations or drive train shock. Allow the assembly to fully cool. For the following 200-400 miles take short trips (less than 20min) and avoid aggressive driving. Once at least 200 miles have been driven, drain and refill the differential with fresh oil.

While the exact mileage and time will vary, the general idea for R&P break is in generally the same. The process should be taken seriously as this procedure really does have an effect on the overall longevity of the R&P. So be patient and save yourself some cash and a major headache down the road because your new R&P failed prematurely.

AE86 (GTS) Rear axle parts install PartNumbers:


  • Differntial Bearing . 90368-41050 . 2x
  • Rear pinion bearing . 90368-34049 . 1x
  • Front pinion bearing . 90368-30002 . 1x
  • Differential gasket kit.
  • 00295.00103 . 1x (Recommended)
  • Seal Packing(FIPG) . 90341-18057 . 1x
  • Axle drain plug . 90368-41050 . 1x
  • Axle check/fill plug . 90341-18049 . 1x


  • Koyo rear axle bearing . DAC357245CW2RS . 2x
  • Koyo rear axle bearing retainer . CO14 . 2x
  • * Final drive Ring & Pinion OEM/Aftermarket . 1x
  • Zenki/Kouki LSD unit OEM/Aftermarket . 1x

*Only necessary if the OEM part is heavily worn or damaged.