Rear Axle / LSD Oil Maintenance

This pictorial guide of how to care for your car's rear axle, or LSD, oil and keep it running strong and lasting long! Never neglect any of these
things as they too often are!

-How often?

Most manufactures recommend that you change your differential oil every 24months/30,000 miles.
If you are consistently doing a lot of hard driving, it may be beneficial to replace more often.

-What to use?

This is where personal choice and a lot of brand loyalty comes in so make your own decision here, as long as its 80w-90 GL5.
If you have installed an aftermarket LSD it is suggested that you use the aftermarket brands oil to ensure compatibility, safety and possible warranty reasons.

-What is needed?

  • Gear Oil: 75-80w-90 (GL5) (1.8qts)
  • 24mm socket/wrench
  • Liquid Pump
  • Oil Catch (bucket/pan any liquid container)


- Jack up the rear of the car from the center of the axle (pumpkin). Secure the car with jack-stands. Place the jack stands on the axle ends and rest the car on the jack stands.


- The axle has two plugs on it, the upper is a check/fill plug and the lower is a drain. Begin by opening the two plugs and allowing the oil to drain. While the oil is draining, be sure to clean both plugs thoroughly. The lower plug has a magnet in the center and collects all metal fragments, be sure to remove any collected metals.


- After all liquid is drained, the lower plug will need to be replaced. This is where the liquid pump will be used. (Depending on suspension, install procedure, product packaging, you may be able to bypass the need for the pump. For ease of replacement we will use the pump) The pump works simply by placing the pump assy. into the product and placing the other end into the fill plug. To fill, simply pump until fluid begins to overflow from the check/fill plug. Reinstall plug and cleanup.


- Once you are done, inspect work, double check that everything is secure and installed properly. Once done, lower the car and run the car. Check to be sure that no oil is leaking.

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