SR5 -> GTS Conversion

For whatever reason you ended up with an SR5 and now decided to make the big swap from SR5 to GTS. What is needed? How hard will it be? Custom fabrication? All aspects of the swap will be covered in this article.

The SR5 to GTS swap can be a very difficult and long swap or it can be a very quick and easy one, its all about preparation. If you have sourced all your parts in advance and are well organized your swap is almost guaranteed to go well. It is strongly suggested that you purchase a GTS model ae86 that is not running, has a salvage title or major cosmetic damaged, then simply swap the parts over. Sourcing each individual part for the swap from many various sources will prove to become very tedious process. So what parts do you need for this swap? The following is a listing of what will be needed for the engine conversion alone.

Components needed for swap:

    AE86 (RWD) 4AGE engine (+ emission controls optional)
    Engine Components (AFM, In./Ex. Manifolds, Coil, Igniter, Fuel Rail, Throttle Body, Alternator, Water lines)
    4AG ECU
    GTS Engine Wiring Harness - (Both engine harnesses and under-dash harness if transcending Zenki/Kouki model generations)
    Electrical Grounds
    GTS Transmission Speedo Gear
    GTS Transmission Bell Housing
    GTS Clutch Fork
    Brake Proportioning Valve* (see notes)
    GTS Clutch Slave Cylinder
    GTS Clutch Hard Line
    Clutch Flex Hose
    Fuel lines (Hard + Soft)
    Fuel lines Return (Hard + Soft)
    GTS Gauge Cluster

Now for some optional items… suspension from the GTS is different in a few regards, for example, the GTS has stronger springs and shocks to match. You may find it easier to simply purchase aftermarket suspension components to remedy this issue as it is very likely that stock GTS parts are worn and will most likely not suite your driving demands. The SR5's rear axle is also very different from the GTS model, if you plan on driving the car at any level of motorsport the rear axle swap is strongly recommended as you will have thicker drive axles and in certain models, LSD from the factory. Rear brakes are also upgraded on the GTS, the rear end swap will provide you with rear wheel disk brakes, as opposed to the SR5 rear drum brake system. If you want to make the full swap to GTS suspension and braking, you will need to transfer the following:

Optional components for swap:

    GTS Rear Sway Bar
    GTS Shocks
    GTS Coil Springs
    GTS Drive Shaft
    Complete GTS Rear End (disks, calipers, soft lines)
    Brake Cables
    Rear Brake Lines (Hard + Soft)
    Oil Cooler

Other GTS trims that can be transferred over but are less than necessary are items such as; GTS bumpers with valance, decals, power mirrors, seats, primarily cosmetic and interior specific trimmings. These do not need to be swapped over these items are optional and purely cosmetic.

Miscellaneous notes:

-The brake-proportioning valve is very important if the GTS, disk brake rear end will be installed.

-SR5 speedometer cable can be used.

-You will have to drill holes and/or fabricate a mount for your coil/igniter set.

-GTS exhaust system will need to be used (This is the reason why the GTS bell housing is different the clutch slave cylinder is always located as far away from the exhaust as possible. On the GTS, the exhaust routes directly from the left hand side of the car, the SR5 exhaust begins on the right and progresses to the left.)

-The GTS speedo drive gear will need to be installed, The SR5 and GTS have different rear end final drives, so the difference in the gauge cluster reading is handled here

-If the SR5 has an automatic transmission, the GTS driveline will be required.

- Replace all worn, damaged or inadequate parts. This includes, hoses, bolts, wiring etc.