Quick Steering & Steering Angle

When drifting, quick steering and extreme steering angle are some of the most helpful features to have installed on your ride. Here we will address some of your options for increasing steering angle and shortening lock to lock distances.

Inner Tie-Rod Spacers

Inner tie rod spacers are the easiest steering angle upgrade to purchase and install. The center bore of the steering rack has wasted potential that these little spacers utilize. The inner tie rod bottoms out before the rack is actually fully extended, you can see the rack fully turned but the center of the rack is unable to travel the full span of the racks casing due to the outer tie rod bottoming out on the opposite side. With the use of the spacer, the inner tie rod is pushed out an extra 10mm and allows the rack to travel the entire span of the casing, thus providing 7-8 degrees Of added steering angle. You can see the extra length added when the inner tie rod spacer is installed. Many companies make the spacers themselves and some manufacture entire tie rods with the spacers already incorporated into the design.

Steering Knuckles

Steering knuckles will make the largest impact with regard to adding steering angle. The shorter the steering knuckle is from lower control arm ball joint kingpin to outer tie rod ball joint, the more steering angle you will be able gain. The AE86 came with two types of steering knuckles, one set only came on cars equipped with manual steering racks and the other set only came on cars equipped with power racks. The two knuckles are have different lengths. The manual steering knuckles are 3/4in longer than power knuckles, so regardless of what rack is installed on your car, power steering knuckles will allow the most steering angle. To obtain the most steering angle using stock parts, a manual rack used in conjunction with power steering knuckles will provide 15-20deg added steering angle over stock systems. If you are still not satisfied, aftermarket steering knuckles can be purchased and are even shorter than power steering knuckles. Keep in mind; the shorter the steering knuckle, the more input is required to move the system, thus making it much more difficult to turn the steering wheel.

Quafe Quick Ratio Steering Rack

The Quafe Quick Ratio steering rack is a great addition for anyone with a manual steering rack. This rack reduces lock to lock from 3.25 turns with the OEM manual rack down to 2.5 turns with the Quaife rack. This rack aids with quick response and reaction to any situation that comes up on the track. This conversion has two notable drawbacks; This rack will not allow for the use of inner tie rod spacers as discussed above and this aftermarket rack only works with the OEM manual steering system if your car isn't already equipped with the manual steering system you will have to source and a manual steering setup from another vehicle.

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